A Business is Born

Mom workingLast summer I was watching CBS Sunday Morning when a segment called “Welcome to the Blogosphere” came on the air.  It featured Robert Diamond, founder of BroadwayWorld.com, the largest theatrical site in the world.  A huge fan of theater, Broadway and everything that comes along with it, I emailed him that night on a lark, stating my interest in forming a relationship with his site and my personal blog, TheCultureMom.com, a site dedicated to connecting the parent market to theatre, arts and culture – you know, the stuff you often give up after kids come along.  Later that night, I heard back from him directly.  He put me in touch with Erin Leigh Peck, an editor on the site who handles the editorial for BroadwayWorld Jr., the family theatre section of BroadwayWorld.com.

The very next week Erin and I met in the city at cafe. We connected immediately.  We’are both working moms.  We love theater, from Broadway to off-Broadway, from musicals to drama.  We’re both writers, social media mavens and born communicators.  We both juggle a lot.  Erin’s an actress, I work for a start-up.  We both have two kids.  We both have entrepreneurial spirits.

She was curious to hear my ideas and see how we could work together.  The truth was that I hadn’t really thought of exactly how the relationship would work, but I’m a marketer and brainstorming comes easy to me.  So, I took a look at Erin, opened my mouth and the idea of a company exactly like MamaDrama came flying out of my mouth.

Needless to say, Erin loved it and within two weeks, she put together a media kit and we were out pitching theater producers, marketers and publicists.  Before we could blink, we had our first two clients, Motherhood Out Loud at Primary Stages and the new Broadway revival of Godspell.  We handled blogger campaigns, blogger nights and Twitter parties for them.  Then we immediately jumped into work on our third production, Queen of the Mist by the Transport Group.  Each production is different, and with this one, I found myself on the phone with big Broadway producers, contributing to the show’s marketing effort.

A business had been born.  Our next step was to put a web site together.  And now we have two new clients to kick off 2012.  We are thrilled to be working with Playwright Horizons, one of the finest off-Broadway theaters in NYC, to promote their child enrichment program called Playtime! and Freckleface the Musical at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center, a show that carries so many important messages that we are eager to help spread.

As working moms, sometimes our conference calls take place in the kitchen.  It’s all part of a mama’s drama!

I look forward to celebrating these shows and seeing what else the future has in store for MamaDrama.  See you at the theater!